THE first support group for people with Ehlers Danlos Syndromes (EDS) is coming to Bridport next week.

Resident Chloe Evans-Lippett has launched Bridport Dazzle’s EDS support group, which will hold its first meeting at the Chapel in the Garden on Monday (11/3).

Chloe also has a blog, ‘Hips, Clicks and Bendy Bits’, a YouTube channel, ‘Unexpected Songbird’ and a Facebook page, ‘Bendy Clo’, in which she documents her journey and life with EDS.

EDS are conditions that affect the connective tissue that provide support in skin, tendons, ligaments, blood vessels, internal organs and bones and can cause an increased range of joint movement, stretchy skin or fragile skin that breaks or bruises easily.

The group will offer support and alternative therapies to people with EDS, their carers and their families.

Chloe said: “Because I write a blog, have a YouTube channel and used to do a lot of singing in town, the people I met through that would say, ‘oh my brother has EDS’, or ‘my cousin has it’ and there is only around five of us at the moment.

“People with EDS have a high tolerance to pain medication and alternative therapies work very well.”

Chloe hopes to have therapists come in to do reflexology, aromatherapy, massage and a south sound bath – a meditative experience – which Chloe says has been one of the best things she has tried to tackle her pain.

Chloe added: “We are also hoping to do fundraisers, such as coffee mornings and packing shopping in Morrisons, to raise money with the intention of being able to pay for members to have alternative therapy.

“We will start with a monthly meeting and hopefully have a look at having a weekly meeting as, even though we have very supportive families, there is a lot of solitude with EDS.

“We are on the look out for people in alternative therapies to come in and for volunteers, so that if one of us can’t make it, it doesn’t fall apart.”

To find out more about the group or to help, contact Chloe on 01308 281217 or email