I recommend exercise to many patients to improve their mobility and maintain wellbeing. In Bridport we are particularly fortunate with the quantity and quality of options available.

I attended a meeting at the Bridport Leisure Centre and learnt about some of the history of this charity. I was impressed by the contribution of so many generous-spirited pillars of Bridport society who have provided extensive support over the years as members, staff, fundraisers, trustees and many other volunteers. Local firms and individuals have contributed by providing sponsorship in one form or another.

Their legacy continues to provide all sorts of innovative schemes to support local health initiatives such as social-prescribing for psychosocial health issues for young and elderly, of all levels of fitness and suffering all types of pain.

At the recent meeting I was alarmed to hear the cost of maintaining the swimming pool has become prohibitive.

I personally feel this would be a real shame for Bridport if these facilities close.

There are excellent aqua wellbeing and aquafit classes in the community pool that is used for various sports as well as a venue for leisure and children’s parties.

I would like to raise awareness as I know that Bridport is a great community and we could try to resolve this if we pulled together.


Twist and Shout Osteopathic Health Centre, Bridport