A SPECTACULAR new production of a timeless classic ballet is coming to Bridport.

Swan Lake will be performed at Bridport Arts Centre on Saturday, April 20 at 7.30pm.

It remains as one of the most enduring, moving and irreplaceable classical ballets due to its fantastical plot filled with romance, sorcery, and betrayal.

Join Ballet Theatre UK with their spectacular new production of this timeless classic. This immortal tale tells of a princess held captive as a swan by the spell of an evil magician, a spell that can only be broken if a prince swears true love to her.

Featuring new choreography by artistic director Christopher Moore and more than 120 new costumes and stunning sets this production promises to provide you with a new look at the classic tale and leave you with a new love for Swan Lake.

In this Q & A, dancer Austin Bladon tells us more about the production.

Who inspired you to take up ballet?

I took up ballet younger than most dancers, but my passion hit me hard. I was inspired when I went to see the all male Swan Lake by New Adventures. The presence and raw emotion I felt that evening changed something in me. The very next day I joined my local dance school, and everything snowballed from there. I fell in love with the art, the performance and the rewarding experience of pushing my body to do more everyday. The support of my dance teacher (Janne Carrington) and then the incredible teachers of BTUK school inspired me everyday too work harder than I ever thought I could.

How does the characterisation of roles within the ballet come about, are there elements of mime?

To create the characters, we work very closely with the artistic director whilst creating the choreography to try and achieve the vision he has of these characters and how they may be feeling, how they would react to certain events. We have a whole ballet vocabulary based through mime in this show which allows us too to communicate with other characters without opening our mouths. The mime aspect plays a crucial role within helping our audience better understand the plot and what is happening with the characters they are watching on stage.

How do you relax away from the stage whilst on tour?

My favourite way to relax when I am away from tour is too have a hot bath with a good pint and usually watching my favourite series on Netflix. I believe that relaxation and mind renewal is crucial too a healthy mindset. And when I do get the opportunity to do this, I feel I come the next day with new ideas and ways to conquer my daily challenges better.

Is there a ballet role you would really love to dance?

My dream ballet role would be to perform in Don Quioxte as Basil. I got a taste for this role in my third year of school when I got the opportunity too perform the grand pas de deux in the school showcase. Since that moment I adored the whole ballet. I fell in love with the story telling, the characters and the spanish style added to the classical ballet art. I would truly love to perform in the full-length ballet one day.

*Swan Lake, Saturday, April 20, 7.30pm, Bridport Arts Centre. Call the box office for tickets.