FOLLOWING speeding concerns in Beaminster’s North Street, monitoring strips will be placed across the street to record if there is a problem with speeding.

Beaminster town councillors agreed to have them installed after residents raised concerns of speeding down the road.

Town clerk Christine Bright said: “At the last planning meeting we had correspondence from a resident of North Street.

“We have had, over the years, several complaints about perceived speeding of traffic in North Street and in one of this gentleman’s correspondence to Rebecca [Knox, county councillor] she suggested that he requests speed monitoring strips across the street, that unfortunately now I am told is at the cost of the town council at £250.

“The issue has been going on for a number of years and I think it might be worth that expenditure of £250 to either prove or disprove that there is speeding in North Street.”

Cllr Robin Cheeseman said he didn’t know if this would “necessarily achieve anything”.

“The trouble is it is a 30mph limit and 30mph is too fast for it, so although they want to monitor it, if it is all under 30mph, there is not a problem”, he said.

“I think it is more a case of traffic calming, which would be more beneficial.”

Councillors were told that the community speed watch team had been on North Street a few times but had not recorded a problem so councillors felt that as it was a narrow road, it might just be the perception that drivers were speeding.

However, it was agreed to take £250 from the community budget to spend on the speed monitoring strips.