DORSET Police are continuing to warn dog walkers about livestock worrying and attacks following five reported cases this year.

Livestock worrying includes dogs attacking or chasing livestock, as well as not having a dog on a lead or under close control when close to other animals.

A spokesperson for Dorset Police said: “This was due to people not putting their dog on a lead when around livestock or not having the correct secure fencing around their homes where dogs have then escaped and gone on to farmland and attacked sheep.

“If you are out walking the dog on agricultural land and it worries livestock, you are committing the offence of livestock worrying.

“We are asking dog owners to be responsible when out enjoying our countryside.”

Residents are urged to report if they see a dog worrying or attacking livestock by calling 999, or any suspicious activity on 101.

Signs warning about livestock worrying to display around farms can be obtained from