LYME Regis town councillors want to explore putting a speed indicator device (SID) on Charmouth Road and Sidmouth Road.

The SID, which displays a drivers’ speed in an attempt to slow them down if they are exceeding the speed limit, is usually at Timber Hill but in a report for the council’s town management and highways committee, it was recommend to be moved to different sites.

Matt Adamson-Drage, operations manager for the town council, said: “The idea is that you don’t have individual ones, you have one SID and you move it to the locations because people will get used to where they are, and you are supposed to not be used to where they are, they are supposed to be a surprise.”

Mr Adamson-Drage also reported that he met with the Safer Traffic Team from Dorset County Council in November and they recommended doing a survey on the two roads to see if they would be suitable alternative locations for the SID, which would cost £400 plus VAT.

It was also mentioned that the town’s current SID was in need of being replaced and other models, such as those that are solar powered, were recommended, which would cost around £2,150 plus VAT.

Cllr Jeff Scowen said: “I think the obvious places are Sidmouth Road and Charmouth Road as there are gradients, and I would certainly support a solar one.

“Personally, I find them effective and as I come up to one, I just find it a challenge for it not to go off.”

Cllr Derek Hallett said that Lyme Regis is “a bit behind the times” as Seaton and Axminster seem to have plenty of them.

Cllr Michaela Ellis suggested having the survey for Sidmouth Road and Charmouth Road done first before buying another SID.