LYME Regis Town Council has agreed to have the slippery tiles on the pavement in Broad Street removed.

County and district councillor, Daryl Turner, asked the town council to lodge a request with Dorset County Council to have the tiles outside the cinema removed as they become very slippery when wet and no historical connection for them could be found.

At a town council meeting last week, Cllr Brian Larcombe proposed that the tiles should be removed as they are “quite dangerous” when wet.

Cllr Michaela Ellis, mayor of Lyme Regis, agreed and said: “This council wasn’t in favour of the council putting them down and we tried not to have them done and they went ahead and did it.

“I think we even complained about the ones out here [by the Guildhall] because they are bumpy, so it is about time they listen to us.”

Cllr Richard Doney agreed the tiles were dangerous.

He said: “I did a walk about in April 2017 with a resident with limited vision and these things were pointed out then.”

He also asked if the council could look at removing the cobbles by Quality Corner newsagents, to which other councillors replied that it was a conservation area.

Cllr Doney added: “For people with limited vision, they are really unpleasant, and I would like to think we could make some effort to see what we could do about it.”