A building in Lyme Regis has been damaged by a bus after its driver 'impatiently rushed through' a narrow street.

The top of the bus hit a bay window on Broad Street, Lyme Regis, while the driver was attempting to get past a parked van, which resulted in wooden slates falling off.

Kai Lawrence witnessed the incident on January 16 and said the driver “impatiently rushed through” and after seeing what happened, “hastily drove off”.

He said: “I wrote a complaint to First bus and informed the neighbouring shop as the shop owner was not in at the time.

“My regards go out to her [the shop owner], I hope First bus reimburse her damage costs.”

A spokesperson for First said: “We can confirm that on January 16, one of our vehicles, whilst travelling down a very narrow road, attempted to pass a parked van.

“During the manoeuvre, unfortunately the top deck of the bus came in contact with wooden slates below a bay window. Some of these slates fell off.”

Damage to Lyme's overhanging buildings by HGVs, lorries and buses is a reoccurring issue.

One of the Guildhall windows has been hit on numerous occasions, with councillors calling on the building to be protected.