RESIDENTS of Sidney Gale House gave a warm welcome to horses and riders from Bidlake Farm, in what has become an annual event.

The team at Bidlake Farm visit the care home in Bridport every New Year’s Eve. The group ride their decorated horses through the town on route to meeting the residents, who sit outside with buckets of carrots ready to welcome them.

The annual event is a highlight in the calendar for those at the care home, but they also try and visit the farm at least twice a year.

Sharon MacDonald, of Sidney Gale House, said: “Our residents look forward to this event.

“Bidlake Farm trim up the horses and walk them down from the farm, through the town and eventually to us.

“There is usually a following of people that come along as well, from friends to family.

“The residents have several bags of carrots, so they can come outside, and hand feed the horses. We usually provide some small refreshments, and everyone really enjoys the event.

“The residents have family along and we take lots of photos, which some people like to have in their rooms and on our resident activity board.

“We would really like to thank all the girls at Bidlake Farm for their kind support and all they do for us.”