A TOWN'S 'marvellous talent' is to be celebrated alongside its heritage at a fair which is set to be expanded.

Following the successful revitalisation of Bridport’s Charter Fair, plans are well underway to extend the event so more community groups are able to take part.

Charter Fair chairman, Arthur Woodgate, said: "We’ve listened carefully to the considerable feedback from performers, stallholders and members of the public who visited the event. However successful something is, it can usually be improved and, thanks to the comments we’ve received and through our own observations, we’ve a pretty good idea of what needs to be done.”

Perhaps the most exciting development is a partnership with Bridport Arts Centre to extend the fair into the evening, with a showcase of the creative talents within the community brought together in a way that Bridport 'has not seen before.'

In September, the fair will again take over Bucky Doo Square for a day of music. The Arts Centre will host community stalls and displays and, for the first time in many years, an evening of entertainment – with a difference.

Arts Centre director, Curtis Fulcher, said: "We are proud to be working with the Charter Fair. This should be a great celebration of the marvellous talents in the community as well as the celebration of Bridport's heritage"

The Charter Fair seeks to reflect the creativity, passions and interests of the Bridport community and young people of all ages and interests are encouraged to take part.

Last year's event also saw the coming together of the old and new; the Charter Fair, celebrating the right to hold a market, granted more than 700 years ago by King Henry II, and the Citizens’ Charter, confirming Bridport becoming the UK's first Rights Respecting Town. The former, with the market now listed in the top 10 markets nationally, has helped shape the town’s character over the centuries – the latter will be influential in determining its future identity. The 2019 Charter Fair will see this partnership continue with further new initiatives being considered, organisers say.

David Powell, of Bridport’s Rights Respecting Town committee, said: "The 2018 Charter Fair provided a great springboard for our town to come together to celebrate our heritage and aspiration. Our Rights Charter strengthens the opportunities for all to gain equal justice, opportunity, and dignity without discrimination."

Bridport Charter Fair 2019 is scheduled for Saturday, September 28.

For more information about the Charter Fair, contact a.c.woodgate@btinternet.com or call 01308 423767.

For information about the Citizens’ Charter and the Rights Respecting programme, contact djpmelodeon@gmail.com