I AM a customer of Barclays bank and was, understandably, concerned when I heard that our local branch was closing in April.

I am often paid in cash and if I don’t pay the money into the bank promptly it seems to disappear with unseemly haste.

I decided that I would have to change banks (something that I really didn’t want to do as I am more than happy with Barclays) and, reluctantly, started to research the few we have left in Bridport.

However, after visiting the wonderful Sylvia and Co. at Bridport Post Office, I am saved.

We were able to pay in cash to our bank accounts, no matter who you bank with, at the counter.

It is incredibly easy, the money shows in your account instantaneously and those ladies (and Paul) work hard to make sure the queue moves as swiftly as possible –- something my bank wasn’t always able to do, bless them.

I’d like to make it as well known as possible for other people like me who deal in cash and need to be able to pay the money into our accounts.

Once again, our Post Office goes above and beyond for our local community to help fill the gaps that ‘big business’ creates. My unending thanks to Sylvia and Co.