A wildlife photographer has shared with us more of his highlights of the year,

Here, Colin Varndell chooses his favourite images from July to December - and they're simply beautiful.

n July

Fox cubs

The play fighting of fox cubs in July becomes gradually more aggressive as they begin to disperse.

n August

Great spotted woodpeckers

Juvenile great spotted woodpeckers differ from adults with their crimson caps. These are lost during the autumn moult.

n September


The common wasp can be distinguished by the unique anchor shape on its face.

n October

Southern hawker

The southern hawker dragonfly is the last of the large hawkers to be seen on the wing in late autumn.

n November

Wood mice

The wood mouse is the most common mammal to be found in west Dorset.

n December


This goldfinch was feeding on teasel seeds, but decided to stop for a scratch just as I pressed the shutter.

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