LYME Regis is playing a positive role in trying to combat climate change.

It has banned plastic bags in the town and local businesses are slowly giving up using plastic straws.

However, in one respect we seem to be sliding backwards.

It is impossible to get anything but plastic toothpicks.

The big chemist chain with branches in Bridport, Lyme Regis Dorchester etc, has literally stopped selling wooden toothpicks.

I have been to five branches, and written to their head office.

The explanation is that they can no longer obtain supplies.

One look online shows there are plenty of suppliers. But since this powerful chain of pharmacies is now American owned, they seem less centred on environmental concerns.

Have any of your readers had a similar experience and does anyone know where one can still buy wooden tooth-picks?

We should be making a universal effort to use less plastic wherever we can.

Rene Wyndham

Church Street,

Lyme Regis