WHY have three trees been cut down in South Street, did someone want a job?

I see the small one has some decay in the heart, nothing in the other two that I can see.

Just as they get to a good size they get cut down, look at the ones in West Street by the post office, they have been there a long time.

Still no new ones by the car park in Rope Walks, only two muddy patches, after all this time not even been paved over, it’s a wonder no-one has tripped over and made a claim.

I must be right as I never get a reply when I write in over the trees.

Why is the gravel so big on the footpath along the river by Morrisons?

I don’t know how long it’s been like it as I don’t go that way often as it's murder to walk on.

It should be finer like the good job that was done on the footpath on the other river side walk.

Geoff Pulman