A NEW mobile zero waste shop is proving a big hit in towns across west Dorset as it rolls out a new weekly schedule.

Following its launch in August, The Green Weigh - set up by four local mums - has secured permanent trading pitches in eight different locations across east Devon and west Dorset, reaching towns and villages on its mission to encourage people to shop more responsibly and reduce plastic waste.

Libby, one of the mums behind the initiative, said: “There has been more and more media coverage of the plastic pollution crisis, most recently BBC One’s ‘Drowning in Plastic’.

“The Green Weigh’s mission is to provide an alternative to those who want to reduce their plastic impact and buy food free from packaging, whilst reaching communities who may be isolated.”

Fellow founder Kate said: “I love meeting new people who are really excited and enthusiastic about finding plastic free shopping and how accessible we are for them.

“I like that we already have regulars who are making us part of their shopping experience every week.”

Following a successful Crowdfunding campaign in June, which was sponsored by 11 local businesses and raise half of their start-up fees, the four Bridport mums are trading from locations across west Dorset and east Devon on a six day weekly rotation.

They can be found in Bridport, Netherbury, Burton Bradstock, Bradpole, Lyme Regis, Charmouth, Axminster and Dorchester.

Alex, another of the mums, said: “Many village shops have closed, so I love travelling to different locations, building a rapport with customers and sharing the positive feeling that together we are helping make a difference.”

Affordable pricing is also very important to The Green Weigh.

Libby added: “As mums on tight budgets with young children, family life does not allow for big expenditures on food.

“We feel that plastic free shopping must be accessible to everyone, on any budget so that as a whole society, we can begin to address the plastic crisis.”

Forth mum Lora said: “A lot of our customers reminisce that this was how they and their mothers used to shop.

“They are sometimes surprised at the big range of products we stock and I think more and more people are looking for plastic-free alternatives.

“I hope we can offer that to them and be affordable too.”

The Green Weigh want to continue to develop and grow so that they can bring plastic-free shopping to more people, as well as inspiring a different way of shopping and forming new habits.

For more information, visit www.facebook.com/thegreenweighbridport