A four-year-old girl has been praised for helping to save her mum by calling 999 when she had a seizure at home.

Little Kaitlyn Wright told the emergency services operator her mum Charlene was having a fit and that she "needed to look after her."

Listen to the call here (you'll need to turn the volume up!): 

When the call handler asked the youngster if she was there alone, Kaitlyn replied: "It's just me, a dog and a kitten."

Kaitlyn tried to direct the operator to the family home by telling them to go "down the big hill and up the other side".

The operator was able to trace the call and paramedics rushed to the address in Askerswell in west Dorset.

Luckily Charlene recovered by the time the ambulance turned up 10 minutes later and did not need to get to hospital.

The 33-year-old said: "I just can't explain how very proud I am of Kaitlyn. It was quite scary for Kaitlyn to see me have a fit but she was so calm and chilled about it."

Charlene suffers from fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS) which leaves her in constant pain and prone to regular seizures.

Because of her condition she had spoken to all three of her children and practiced how to call for an ambulance so they knew what to do in an emergency.

Charlene said she is rarely home alone with just Kaitlyn but on this occasion her older daughter Kelsey, 14, and son Kayden, 11, were out.

Charlene said: "We wouldn't normally be at home just the two of us, I try to avoid it in case something does happen.

"I was lying in bed and felt quite comfortable at the time but I'd had a bad week and had been in a lot of pain...the next thing I knew was the paramedic looking at me. I don't really remember much."

Yesterday, Kaitlyn and her parents visited the South Western Ambulance Service (SWAS) control centre near Bristol where they were reunited with Jess Hodkinson, a 999 call handler for the service, who took the call from Kaitlyn.

Kaitlyn was also presented with a special certificate on behalf of SWAS chief executive Ken Wenman.

Mrs Hodkinson, 28, said: "When I took the call I was quite surprised because she had such a little voice so I knew she was a young child.

"I had to adapt what I was saying to her so she understood what I was asking her. For example, I had to ask if the casualty was pregnant so I asked Kaitlyn if her mummy had a baby in her tummy.

"But she was very brave and confident he knew what to say and what to do."