I am not at all surprised that Mr Paull of McCarthy and Stone is disappointed with the town council’s objection to the proposed new development – so am I.

Your article seemed to highlight just how little the councillors understand the planning processes and its main aims.

How do they expect to have affordable housing as part of retirement accommodation?

Did they not consider the chain reaction that elderly people moving out of family-sized housing creates. Or the social services carers that may no longer be needed, freeing them up for others.

As for the development being out of keeping with the area, do they really consider the eyesore that has been presented to visitors for the past six years is acceptable to local people?

It is disgraceful.

Finding someone to take on a brownfield site should be applauded, not making it as difficult as possible for them.

Thank heavens that the town council is not a planning authority.

Lynn Barton