I am not sure which planet members of Bridport Town Council planning committee live on, but it is not the one that I recognise.

Their response to the proposal to build retirement homes on the old Mountjoy site in Flood Lane is just bizarre.

I completely disagree with their comments and concerns they raise.

Why don’t they understand that, as elected councillors, there are supposed to represent all of the local residents.

Yes, there is a need for more affordable housing in Bridport, but there are also other housing needs too.

Unfortunately, our town council doesn’t seem to recognise that.

I live in a four-bedroom family home in Bridport and now that I am in my 70s, a move to the type of development proposed by McCarthy & Stone would allow me to downsize and continue to live in Bridport independently, whilst releasing my current home back into the local housing stock, for growing families to occupy.

The recent development –Alfred Lodge in Rax Lane – which I visited recently, is nearly sold out, with just three properties out of 26 yet to be occupied.

So there clearly is a demand, for independent homes for older people.

As far as the site in Flood Lane is concerned, contrary to what the councillors have said, it is ideal; on level ground and close to the town, leisure centre and Morrisons supermarket.

It is currently an eyesore and the proposed three-storey development is no higher than Morrisons or the really ugly Sidney Gale property.

It may officially be in the AONB, but that must be a mistake, because there is certainly no natural beauty on the road from the Crown roundabout to the traffic lights outside Palmers Brewery.

So my message to the town council is clear; change has to happen in order to bring about improvements to modern living standards for all of us, and not just for those needing affordable housing.

Paul Nichols