DO you remember that breathtaking photo of fog rolling across West Bay’s cliffs?

It was taken by talented photographer James Loveridge, who has produced a calendar of his stunning work.

The photo of the natural phenomenon at West Bay was commended in the Take a View Landscape Photographer of the Year Awards and published in a book.

It was also commended in the Outdoor Photographer of the Year Awards and featured on the cover of the Outdoor Photography Magazine.

The aerial time-lapse video James took alongside the photographs saw millions of views and was shown on TV news channels as far afield as the US, Australia and Sweden.

James, 28 and currently living in West Bay, says he loves that his photography helps to put Dorset on the map.

“I never expected this image and video of West Bay to go quite so far,” he said.

James has always had a an interest in photography but never had the opportunity to learn it at school. He began playing around with a digital camera, and in 2014, while at Plymouth University studying coastal engineering, he bought his first DSLR camera, along with a friend. His passion grew on his return to Dorset.

“Photography is a great way to get outside and explore,” he said. “There are so many places I’ve discovered across Dorset that I may not have otherwise visited. I find it quite addictive to be constantly learning, trying to improve, finding new locations and taking better photographs. There are rare moments where the planning and perseverance pays off and you capture something spectacular that you can’t wait to share with other people.

“It’s always nice to get messages from people about how my photography affects them, whether it’s people who live in the area, love visiting the area or perhaps are no longer able to visit or get out and about.”

James works full time as marketing manager for West Dorset Leisure Holidays, but that doesn’t stop him getting out and about with his camera.

“What I enjoy most about photography is trying to capture something unique that makes people go ‘wow’ and appreciate what a beautiful area we live in here in West Dorset,” he said.

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