A PILOT scheme for a new fun service to exercise the memory has started in a town.

Sing and Stroll, Rock and Ramble is the new service supported by Stepping into Nature in Bridport and aims to improve fitness, work the grey matter, as well as having fun.

The walks are led by experienced singer leader Tina Bridgman and her partner, Peter Grech, who came up with the concept.

Peter said: "My partner, Tina Bridgman, has done a lot of this sort of work, involved in singing groups, and helping at care homes.

"I'm a keen walker, and we agreed wouldn't it be a good idea to start singing outside.

"I met Julie Hammon from Stepping into Nature who was really enthusiastic about it, and we are trying a pilot scheme

"So far, it's working very well. It's a slightly unusual concept but its working well."

The group is dementia friendly and aimed at those 65 and over, with each walk designed to avoid stiles and difficult terrain.

However, everyone is welcome to attend, with a new mother amongst the group for one of the sessions..

Each walk has the option of a short, medium or longer length to suit each individual's fitness, with people able to finish whenever they need to.

For the pilot, three events took place, starting from Bucky Doo Square and exploring the natural spaces in and around Bridport.

Because they are outside, the walks are weather dependent, with no decision made yet on whether they will continue for the rest of 2018.

If they do not, the sessions will pick up again in the spring.

Peter said: "We are picking the programme back up in the spring, and before we do we want to get into the medical centres and spread the word, particularly amongst men.

"Most singing groups are full of women and we want to see how we can get more men on board."

The project is being supported by Stepping into Nature, a Big Lottery Funded initiative which is opening Dorset's beautiful landscape, wildlife and culture, helping people live healthier and happier lives for longer.

Julie Hammon, Area of Natural beauty Stepping into Nature project officer, said: "At Stepping into Nature we know that being close to nature can help boost your health, mood and self-esteem. In sort, it can make you feel better and put a smile on your face too."

For more information, you can visit stepin2nature.org or to reserve your space, you can email timeandscale@gmail.com or call 07817 397331.