A STUDENT has been offered an apprenticeship under the stewardship of a top hair designer.

Sir John Colfox Academy student Harriet Rice has been offered a full apprenticeship from Charles Worthington for when she leaves school.

Harriet, who currently assists at The Cove in West Bay when not in school, attended a summer apprenticeship at Charles Worthington this year, and after impressing, was invited back.

Harriet said: "I knew from the age of seven that I enjoyed working with and styling hair.

"I was lucky enough to get to know Maria who trained at Charles Worthington in London and therefore she was able to introduce me to the team.

"Following the work experience placement at Charles Worthington this summer, I feel very lucky and privileged to have been offered an apprenticeship at their London salon.

"I look forward to the future and the training I will receive both with Maria at The Cove in West Bay and at Charles Worthington."

Harriet still has to finish school, and has also been offered a paid position for the summer if she was unable to take up the apprenticeship.

Maria Beach, owner of the The Cove, trained at Charles Worthington for four years, where she twice assisted at London Fashion Week, as well as various shoots, and was able to arrange the apprenticeship for Harriet.

Maria said: "I am extremely proud of Harriet as I had worked with her elsewhere for a year and in that time I taught her various aspects of hairdressing such as colour, blow drying and bridal hair, and she even did hair for a charity event that made the front page of the paper.

"Having been a Charles Worthington apprentice myself, I know that it is an extremely busy salon with many stylists and the workload for apprentices is vast and relentless, but in exchange for all the hard work you get to watch and assist the best stylists in the UK.

"For Harriet to be offered an apprenticeship when they have so many applicants each year is testimony to how hard she works, how passionate she is about the craft, and how much of a fantastic ambassador she is for herself and her school. I am very, very proud of her and lucky that I get to work with such a great young hairdresser.

"The opportunities apprentices receive within the company are huge. During my time there I joined the art team and assisted on photo shoots, ad campaigns and London Fashion week."

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