COULD this be the purrfect way to highlight the plight of feral cats?

Lynda Downton and supporters of the Feral Cat Care charity will be spending a night dressed as cats on the streets to raise awareness and money for feral cats.

With the weather getting colder, Lynda is hoping that by sleeping out on the streets, like a feral cat would, some will be saved.

Lynda said: "November is Feral Cat Awareness month and we will be taking to the streets dressed as cats to raise awareness."

Feral Cat Care, based in Portesham, started in 1995 and neuters and looks after feral cats.

Volunteers care for elderly, sick and injured cats, and ensure feral cats cannot reproduce by neutering them.

More than 50 per cent of feral kittens born do not live to adulthood and the charity makes sure that by neutering cats, they do not endure this suffering.

Once neutered, cats can have a better quality of life.

Lynda said: "People don't think of cats that are outside, they think of the ones pampered by the fire, instead. Not all cats are pampered.

"Our main aim is to make people aware and let them know they can do their bit by putting food out for a stray. It's best to make sure it is actually a stray as cats are quite often opportunists and very independent.

"If it looks scruffy, or like it hasn't got an owner, you should put some food down."

Lynda also advises that, if a cat doesn't belong to someone, you should keep putting food down and put up a poster advertising that you've found it.

You can also contact the charity to get further help.

Lynda will be joined by five supporters for the sleepout tomorrow. (Friday, November 2).

They will meet at Portesham Village Green at 10pm and remain on the streets until 6am on Saturday.

For more information and to sponsor the charity, visit or call 01305 871656.