POLICE today condemned a 'lunatic' biker who is inviting fellow motorcyclists to speed up to 140mph on the Weymouth to Bridport coast road.

The rogue rider posted his controversial comments on a motorcycle touring website and boasts how the 17-mile stretch of the B3157 can be conquered in a staggering 12 minutes.

The twists and turns of the road can lead to some airborne moments,' he explains.

The rider, who does not give his name but says he used to live in West Bay, details how the road has no speed cameras and is only patrolled occasionally' by police.

He warns riders to be wary of the police in some areas who he claims have nothing else to do but give bikers a hard time'.

Road policing officers have condemned the rider for encouraging people to speed on a notorious stretch of road which has seen more than 300 crashes in the past five years.

Five people, including motorcyclists, have died in that period. The number of collisions since 2002 have also resulted in more than 179 injuries, some of which were serious.

The speed limit has now been reduced on the road to reflect these grim statistics and is down to 40mph on some open stretches.

The rider, who submitted his comments to the Motorcycle Roads Online website, mentions that a biker died by going too fast over humps in the road.

But he is clearly not heeding his own warnings as he writes of racing 120mph over the blind summit near Portesham and overtaking muppet' holidaymakers at speed.

Another anonymous comment on the site explains how the B3157 used to be a cracking road - but the local council in its infinite wisdom put a 50mph limit between Bridport and Abbotsbury'.

The B3157 has been promoted on the internet as a motorcycle speed trial' in the past.

But Insp John Mallace of Dorset Police's road policing unit said riders who follow the advice are dicing with death and putting the lives of innocent road users at risk.

He said: "This chap sounds like a lunatic. Anyone who follows his advice is not only being completely irresponsible but would represent a clear danger to society.

"His attitude to speed and attention he displays is clearly not the one most motorcyclists, including myself, would have. It's completely disgraceful. Let's hope he's a one-off idiot."

Insp Mallace added: "The coast road is an enjoyable ride which I myself have ridden many times. It has some great scenery and it's a lovely undulating road which allows you to line up for bends.

"Anyone with a brain would not be riding at the sort of speeds this man describes.

"If they were apprehended riding that fast they would be facing a prison term.

"Let us hope the man who wrote those comments now lives on the island of Sark where no motor vehicles are allowed. Sadly for the biking community there is a small minority who gives motorcyclists a bad reputation."

Insp Mallace encourages motorcyclists to sign up for Dorset Police's advanced riding programme Bike Safe.

He added that the Motorcycle Roads Online website should delete the comments posted by the rider.

No one from the website was available to comment.