Wow! What a beautiful set of photos of last night's gorgeous sunset. 

Pictures of last night’s sunset have dominated the internet with thousands of photos making their way online when the stunning natural spectacle took place. 

A burst of colour swept across the country, leaving residents awestruck.

Grahame Madge, spokesman for the Met Office, said: "On Tuesday night we had a lot of mid-level and high altitude cloud. As the sun went down the layers of cloud were backlit by the sun, creating conditions where the clouds looked like they were almost glowing.

"In areas of high pressure and sinking air we can get more intense sunsets, as dust and particles of air scatter blue light leaving just the red to come through."

The sunset overshadowed another natural spectacle which is taking place this week - the Hunter's Moon, which follows the Harvest Moon.

The moon, which appeared larger than usual in the sky last night, was expected to be full tonight according to 

Thanks very much to everyone for sending over your pictures.

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