We do a weekly beach clean, usually at West Bay, but two weeks ago we went to Eype beach for a change.

After collecting the usual rubbish – crisp packets, wet wipes, cans, bits of polystyrene, old fishing line, plastic etc – I was surprised, in a small stretch of beach, to collect nine bags of dog waste.

Dog walkers had obviously gone to the trouble of clearing up after their dog but then strangely added stones to several of the bags before leaving them on rocks, on the beach or in the scrub at the back of the beach.

Some had been half-buried by stones. What a pointless exercise.

Surely that time and effort could be used in carrying the bag of dog waste the hundred yards or so to the bins in the car park leaving the beach clean.

Or at least don’t add to the rubbish problem by leaving a plastic bag on the beach as well.