A school has become the latest to receive sanitary supplies as part of a national project.

Beaminster School has received a donation from The Red Box Project, a nationwide scheme that helps to release the stress on girls when they have their period and combat period poverty.

The red box, full of sanitary products collected at various donation spots, was handed to Beaminster school staff member Mrs Helen Pinkett by Cerri Killworth, who has given her spare time to help launch the project in the area for the last couple of months with her two colleagues.

Mrs Pinkett said: "It's brilliant, it's really brilliant.

"It's such a sad thing to even have to think about in this day and age, and it's shocking when you stop and look at things.

"It will give the children an awful lot of stability knowing that when it happens, whether expectedly or unexpectedly, that something is always here for them.

"They can come to me for support, they already do for first aid help so hopefully this will follow on from that."

As well as sanitary products, the school received posters telling both pupils and staff that supplies are there if they need them.

Since the project started in West Dorset, Cerri, who covers Chard, Mickey Bonome, who covers the Bridport, and Simone Webber, who is covering Axminster, have seen their patch spread to as far as Sidmouth and Weymouth.

The group originally aimed to fundraise £150 for the project, but this was reached after four weeks with one lady donating £110 to the cause.

Speaking on whether she was surprised by the success of the project, Cerri said: "Yes, everyone that I've approached has said yes to helping.

"I've had people approach via Facebook, including from the Rotary Club of Sidmouth, who asked for us to come in and do a talk as they are looking to provide donations to Sidmouth College. I'm hoping to do the same for other Rotary Clubs."

Bridport already has several donations points for the project, with the Chapel in the Garden, Bridport Youth and Community Centre, the tourist information centre and the Red Brick Cafe on St Michael's Trading Estate offering their services.

Donations can also be made at the monthly Bridport Vegan Market.

In 2019, the Red Box Project is hosting a valentines tea party at the Chapel in the Garden on Saturday, February 9.

This will take place from 2pm until 4pm and raise money for the charity.

If anyone is interested in becoming a co-ordinator in the areas already established or help get the project going in areas such as Poundbury and Dorchester, they can get in contact via Facebook, by searching 'Red Box Project Bridport'.

To find out more about the project, visit redboxproject.org

To make a donation, visit justgiving.com/crowdfunding/bridportarea