Young adventurers got stuck straight back in to the school year by testing their resilience.

Pupils from the Woodroffe School, Lyme Regis, visited the Carey Outdoor Education Centre for the school’s annual Year 8 trip.

The theme for the camp was ‘resilience’, which tied in with the year group’s focus of trying new things and facing challenges head on.

Head of Year 8, Miss Webb, said: “The students stepped up to the mark magnificently.

“We climbed the four-sided tower of doom whilst mentally tackling riddles set by the climbing instructor, identified and problem-solved how to create the perfect bivvy for a night out in the woods, sharpened skills of whittling and bushcraft and tested the grey matter with enhanced map reading, both at navigation and orienteering.

“Never has 48 hours felt so full on, but also so incredibly rewarding. As head of year, I could not be more proud of this year group as they overcame big challenges and small, be it sleeping in their own hand-built shelter or trying new food.”

Carey Outdoor Education Centre, near Wareham, gives visitors the chance to experience learning and living in the outdoors.

Miss Webb added: “It goes without saying that this trip would not be able to happen without the dedication of all the staff at Carey, and also the time and efforts of the Woodroffe staff who came along and facilitated this wonderful ride. I can’t think of a better way to start Year 8.”