A community has been called upon to remember the soldiers that gave their lives during the wars.

Villagers in Loders are being invited to delve into their family history and old photographs to see if they can help put a name to a face to several soldiers.

The project, which started in 2014, aimed to find photographs of all the men from Loders who lost their lives in the First World War and the Second World War.

It was started by Caroline Budden and Chuck Wilmott, with a view to complete it in time for the centenary of the start of the First World War.

Chuck Willmott, member of the Loders Local History Group, said: "The First World War project had a presentation in November, 2014 by Caroline Budden and myself at Loders Village Hall.

"At the time, we had photos stuck on a Publisher A0 sheet which was displayed at various times, including at the village hall and Loders Fete. It resided in the church porch. "When further photos dried up, we got Colin Crabb of VertiWorks, Burton Bradstock, to professionally produce the display board for permanent fixing in the church porch."

Despite it being four years since the project started, the photographs of six men are still yet to be located.

Pictures are needed for the following fallen First World War soldiers:

  • Albert John Travers died September, 22 1914

  • Wilfred Gordon Russell, died May, 8 1915

  • Thomas Charles Taylor, died October, 12 1915

  • William John Lee, died May, 31 1916

  • Frederick John Bartlett, died February, 21 1918

  • Frederick Clark, died April, 24 1918

There is also a couple of Second World War soldiers the group would like to put a face to a name:

  • Tom Samuel Norman, died March, 1 1940

  • George William Holmes, died April, 14 1940

Chuck hopes that with a lot of work being done across the country to commemorate the centenary of the end of the First World War, that the pictures may turn up.

He said: "With much research having been done by other parishes and it being in people's minds, it would be great to fill in all of the gaps. Somebody must know more about them."

To view the information gathered so far on the soldiers, you can visit eggardon-colmers-view.org.uk/loders-church-roll-of-honour-1914-1918