A popular chef is set to entertain local business entrepreneurs over breakfast.

Bridport chef Sarah Ali Choudhury is the next speaker at the Bridport networking breakfast, organised by Marketing West in conjunction with the Bridport Business Chamber.

Sarah, who was recently awarded the Venus award for Influential Woman of the Year, will be talking about her career, her TV experiences, how she launched her successful catering business, what drives her forward and what tips she has for anyone starting their own business.

Sarah said: "I was delighted to be asked to be a speaker. I'm also looking forward to sharing information about my recent Covenant Award that I was presented at the British Armed Forces Commandants Parade.

"I'm about to start my own presentation workshops about applying for awards guaranteeing that with my advice, whoever attends my workshops is guaranteed to receive a prestigious and recognised accolade for business.

"I believe networking is massively important for business owners for growth and development and to spread the word about their business."

Organiser of the breakfast, Nigel Reeve of Marketing West, said: "We try to achieve four things with these breakfasts. Firstly it gives businesses a chance to get to know each other, and secondly we try to bring in speakers who have a business story to tell.

"We also want the breakfasts to be relaxed giving everyone the chance to join in and contribute.

"Lastly we use the breakfasts to raise funds for Dorset Mind. A donation is made to the charity from each booking.

"The demand for the Dorset Mind services has never been higher and we want to help in our own small way."

Dorset Mind aims to help people to cope with their mental health problems and to rebuild their lives.

Around one in four people will suffer from some form of mental health problems during their lifetime.

The most common forms of mental health problems are anxiety and depression, and there are others such as bipolar, schizophrenia, eating disorders and obsessive compulsive disorder.

Suffering from a mental health problem, especially a severe problem, can have a devastating effect on the sufferer's life, with job loss one of the possible outcomes.

The money made will go into the charity's central fund which is used to run support services in the community.

Dorset Mind's chief executive, Marianne Storey, said: "At Dorset Mind we believe that open and supportive workplaces benefit everyone- employees, employers and the bottom line.

"If people are not mentally healthy at work they are not as productive as they could be.

"They might genuinely be 'off sick', but more commonly people will rather go to work because of the stigma of openly talking about their mental health difficulty."

Breakfast will be served at the Ivy House, Groves Nursery from 7.30am on Wednesday, September 26.

For more information or to book, email networking@marketingwest.co.uk