If your children are fans of CBeebies, then they may recognise the surroundings on one programme.

The team at Coastal Nets Ltd are to feature in an episode of ‘Junk Rescue’, which teaches children how to recycle items and make things using traditional techniques.

In the program, presenters Zoe Pocock and Danny Sebastian visit traditional craft industries, such as blacksmiths, woodworkers, haulers, and take a piece of material they have found, which is made into something new.

In the episode with Coastal Nets, they created a hammock.

James Barr from Coastal Nets Ltd, said: “They came to us with old rope and old towels, from which we made a hammock using traditional net making skills.

“We sewed the towels together which made the lining.”

The skills the team used are the same which have been used to make nets over the past few centuries.

When asked if it’s important that children know about traditional techniques, James said: “It gives them an insight into how nets were made.

“The skills haven’t changed from 100 years ago, and we use them every day.

“It’s important to trace back through the ages and realise it’s still happening today in a modern setting.”

The programme will be broadcast on the CBeebies channel tomorrow (Monday, August 6) from 4.25pm.

James said: “I was nervous when doing the filming and being in front of the camera, and having to take direction from the director.

“However we are excited now, and will be hosting a screening at Coastal Nets on the day.

“My daughters, aged three and six, are very excited, and seeing me will make their day.

“Junk Rescue has become their new favourite programme, they keep asking me when I will be on.”

  • Junk Rescue with the Coastal Nets team will air on CBeebies tomorrow (Monday, August 6) from 4.25pm until 4.40pm.
  • To find out more about Coastal Nets, you can visit coastalnets.co.uk with the team always welcoming visitors