I have to say my flabber was absolutely gasted to hear West Bay
described as ‘bleak’ in this week’s Bridport News.

We moved here two weeks ago from West Sussex and are so happy to find ourselves in such a beautiful part of Dorset, having purposely chosen West Bay and Bridport.

West Bay is charming, quirky, quaint and traditional but never bleak.

It seems to me rather an ignorant comment to make and not one on which the local residents of West Bay should change the entire place for.

If visitors want slot machines and casino-style entertainment, go to Weymouth.

If they want a bit more hustle and bustle, go into Bridport, a fantastic
market town, which after all, West Bay is simply an extension of – they come as a package and provide plenty of activities and interests.

Since residents are based here 100 per cent of the time, as opposed to brief visits by tourists, and also pay the council tax and support the local
shops and services throughout the year, I think their views should come ahead of ridiculous, one-off comments by tourists.

Perhaps a West Bay Initiative Group would be a good idea with representation from residents, local businesses, local council and the tourist board to discuss aesthetic and other improvements to the area.

It may be some businesses would be willing to contribute to more planting and hanging baskets outside and around their premises to assist council funding.

I’m pretty sure only a few tweaks are needed to make this wonderful place even more attractive.

West Bay