Hundreds of metres of poppies will adorn a town in commemoration of the First World War.

Bridport Heritage Forum and its supporters have been getting the community involved in various projects.

Hundreds of metres of 'poppy ropes' have been made by community groups and individuals in the town and forum treasurer, Sheila Meaney, has collected completed ropes from 10 local schools.

The ropes, with their multi-coloured poppies, have been sponsored by Huck Nets and commemorate everyone affected by events of the First World War.

They will be used in several events leading up to the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War, when all the ropes will be linked to encircle the tree in Bucky Doo.

At the same time as the ropes were collected, copies of the forum's recently published book, 'War, Peace and New Beginnings', were given to the schools.

The book contains a collection of stories, memories and information reflecting life in Bridport and overseas during the war.

Thanks to a grant received from the West Dorset Chairman's Centenary Fund, the forum has been able to donate the publication to schools and other local associations.

It is also on sale in local bookshops and in the Bridport Tourist Information Centre.

Many local people have come forward to share their family memories and another grant from Heritage Lottery, received earlier this year, has meant these stories can now reach the final chapter, the Peace Treaty, which was finally signed in 1919.

An exhibition, entitled 'War, Peace and New Beginnings' is being held at the town hall from now until Monday, August 20, and entry is free.

It is the first of many events to be held over the next few months.