New research has revealed that small businesses are increasingly relying on smartphones to fulfill business needs.

The research from Three has revealed that almost two thirds of the small businesses surveyed agreed that the technology on their mobile phone is better than the technology on their other devices.

In a survey of 1000 UK small businesses conducted by Norstat on behalf of Three, more than three quarters (81 per cent) agreed that the latest smartphones fulfilled most of their business needs.

Sixty three per cent of the SMEs surveyed also said that their mobile phone was "very important" for their job, whereas only half said the same about their laptop and desktop computer.

The changing way small businesses operate is also driving an increasing reliance on mobile phones, and 41 per cent claimed that they expect their reliance on their mobile phone to increase in the next year.

Twenty six per cent said that they have more reliable or faster internet on their smartphone compared to their fixed line internet.

One in five however admitted that they find mobile phone packages complicated.

Three chief commercial officer, Richard Woodward, said: "Small businesses are the heartbeat of the British economy.

"At Three, we recognise that today more than ever, great value, reliable and easy access to technology is crucial to help small businesses succeed, whether they are at home, abroad or on the move."

In response to the survey, Three has released a new package, Simply Business, to allow small businesses to use their phone with the benefits of the operators advanced plans package.