A winery has raised a glass to toast their success after winning at a national awards event.

The team at Lyme Bay Winery added to their successful 2018 for their English Wines at the national Wine GB Awards (nicknamed the BAFTAs of the English wine world).

Following their range of red, white and rosé wines picking up some of the world's top awards, the new awards came closer to home this time.

At the Wine GB Awards, the business came away with no fewer than 12 awards for its English wines.

Among the awards, the pick of the bunch was the 'Waitrose Trophy', received for the 'Most Outstanding Rosé', which was awarded to the Lyme Bay Pinot Noir Rosé 2017.

The success of the wines has propelled the company into the spotlight, and the local team of 30 winery employees, who are celebrating their 25th anniversary this year, have noticed a direct increase in tourism to the area.

James Lambert, Lyme Winery managing director, said: "The awareness around the English Wine Industry and what it is capable of has bene rapidly increasing over the past few years, and, as Lyme Bay English Wines continue to impress on the national and international stage, it has been really exciting for us to see people coming from far and wide to find out what all the fuss is about."

When accepting the award, the team at Lyme Bay acknowledged they were not the easiest to find, but insisted it was not something seen as a disadvantage.

Sarah Walters, marketing manager at Lyme Bay Winery, said: "Yes, we are somewhat off that beaten track here.

"But actually, we are extremely proud of our location, not least as it reflects our vision for what we do and champion here at Lyme Bay, which is anything but the ordinary."