Coastguard teams were called to assist police with a despondent missing man who had been found on Burton cliff.

The call to West Bay Coastguards was received at 12.35pm on Thursday, July 5.

Seven rescue officers from West Bay including the team's station officer and deputy station officer quickly made their way to the station, picked up their equipment and rescue vehicle then headed for Burton Bradstock.

West Bay's Coastguard flank team at Lyme Regis were paged to provide backup and started making their way to the area.

Once on scene, two police officers were found to be talking with the man who was close to the cliff edge.

Under the command of the officer a number of roped safety systems were put in place and a rope rescue officer was positioned at a discreet distance, ready to rapidly deploy to the cliff edge if required.

Two specially trained Police officers soon arrived on scene to assist. They were both put into body harnesses, provided with helmets and then attached to our safety ropes so they could safely approach the man at the cliff edge. 

After a period of conversation, the man was safely brought back from the edge of the cliff and left in the care of Dorset Police.