I am writing this letter to say thank you to a boy, whose actions to me meant everything.

I’m disabled and can’t run and can’t walk very well.

I live in Bridport on the outskirts just before the town, and on Monday, my dog escaped.

Thankfully, a boy from the local school/college chased my dog all the way down to East Street, and stopped him from running into the road.

After pursuing bare foot, the boy brought the dog all the way back to my house.

I grabbed my purse where I gave him a £10 note for his efforts, but he wouldn’t accept it.

He also wouldn’t accept the £5 I offered him.

Without his efforts, my dog could quite easily have been killed, and I want to say thank you to him.

To me, that dog is everything.

The fact the boy didn’t take the money when others would means an awful lot.

I want to say thank you, because no matter how much of a small thing it is, it meant the world to me and I wouldn’t have been able to catch my dog.

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