Interesting front page of last week’s Bridport News concerning the number of empty properties in West Dorset.

A three bedroom semi-detached house in Skilling area has been empty for possibly 10 years.

It should be brought back into a living condition after all this time, it even has room for two, two bedroom starter homes in the garden.

Over the years, I have contacted West Dorset District Council several times but nothing has been done.

The garden is so overgrown it is difficult to find the back door.

No doubt there is a colony of rats hidden in the undergrowth.

Whatever the legal problems, after such a long time, it is not possible to issue a Compulsory Purchase Order.

With all the effort put into new housing at Vearse Farm, there must be a similar number of houses in the Bridport area that could be brought on stream soon.

Colin Sparkes 
Wellfields Drive,