By Jo O'Farrell of The Living Tree

'Tripudio', odd word isn't it?

But it is a gentle exercise promoting the flow of Lymphatic Fluid in our bodies, suitable for all abilities and available through various classes run by trained instructors throughout Bridport and surrounding areas.

It works by gently pumping and exercising from the tip of your toes to the tip of your head, and can be done seated or standing.

Members of The Living Tree and Stepping Out used the 'Tripudio Flow', a six/seven minute adaptation, at the beginning/end of meetings/sessions to loosen the body and keep the Lymph flowing.

Moving Lymph ensures that swollen ankles and general puffiness can be reduced, and gives a wonderful feeling of wellbeing.

Connected to the immunity system in our bodies, it is essential we work the system to keep it fresh.

It is not like the blood system, Lymphatic fluid needs exercise to move it.

So do 'the flow' and give it a go.

To find out more, call Julie Williams on 07734 511287 or Karen Jones on 07572 543781 to find your nearest class.

You can also find out more information through emailing or visiting