A service which proves much-needed transport facilities for people in need has received a financial boost thanks to the community.

The Axe Valley and West Dorset Ring and Ride was awarded a cheque for £470 from Waitrose as a result of the supermarket’s Community Matters scheme.

Sandra Ward, chairman of the ring and ride, accepted the cheque from Waitrose partner Tara Dobel.

Sandra said: “This amount was collected by Waitrose in store as part of their community fundraising through tokens in the store.

"It's fantastic. The charity relies on such donations to keep running.

“If anyone in the area has difficulty assessing public transport due to age or a disability, and would like to use the service, they should ring the number displayed by Tara and I. Jane, our co-ordinator, will contact them if they leave their details.”

The Axe Valley and West Dorset Ring and Ride provides transport for people with a special need for transport facilities because they are elderly, disabled, parents with young children or people living in isolated areas where there is no adequate public transport.