I am classed as elderly, with values of an age just after the Second World War where in the main other people’s property was respected.

Not that the world then was perfect but we were all in the same boat of building our lives and that of the country that had been devastated by war and its hardships with the majority of the population working hard to secure the future.

Whether through rose-tinted spectacles or fact we appeared to live in a world that didn’t include petty theft.

Even in the 60s you didn’t have to lock doors as you do now when you popped out to the shops: 2018 is light years away from this.

Recently I have lost one raised bed, two bird boxes, three bags of farmyard manure, and a few plants all left outside my gate clearly marked with prices well displayed but find when I check the goods I find I am missing the above items, the prices charged are minimal: £7.50 for a bird box, £1 a bag for manure and plants.

I am left wondering why the need to steal from a pensioner?

Is it the thrill of being able to or a genuine need.

Whoever is removing my property perhaps if it’s for a joke you could quietly return the articles, or pop the money through the letter box or just stop pinching what doesn’t belong to you.

I doubt whether you would appreciate someone taking some of your property, I certainly do not.

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