Music lovers flocked to Lyme Regis to hear the sounds and rhythms of local buskers.

B Sharp's Busking Festival swung into town over the Bank Holiday, when audiences were treated to sunshine, sea and sounds from street artists and buskers of all ages with a wealth of talent on display.

A variety of buskers, young bands, drummers, saxophonists, a school choir, pianists, singer- songwriters, music producers and beat boxers from the local area and further afield performed to happy cheering audiences. B Sharp’s music leaders and young trainees were on hand to support and jam with them as well as offer the tech support needed. To help with the costs of running B Sharp’s ongoing music programme for young people over the whole year, buskers happily donated 40 per cent of their collection to B Sharp charity - many donated all their takings.

Event organiser Kelly Osborne said: “We set up 'Play Me Piano' in the shelters and a PA for a band, and all day young emerging musicians came along and showcased their music. The beauty was there were so many surprises where people, some who had never played before, were brave and were taking to the stage and wowing the audience with their music. Alongside were professional maestros who just love to join us, offering their support for the next generation of musicians.”

The busking on Saturday took place in between the popular Jazz Jurassica creating an amazing weekend of music.

“Our Festival, and the weekend, was a shining example of just how good things can be in communities when people work together to make it happen,” said Fran Williams, chief executive of B Sharp. “The Busking Festival is one of our most popular and favourite events and the fact that it coincides with the brilliant action packed Jazz Jurassica makes it all the more worthwhile. Our buskers performed either side of the likes of the James Taylor Quartet, Georgie Fame and Liane Caroll.”

B Sharp is open for young musicians to sign up for a variety of weekly music-making projects on offer starting in September.

Anyone interested is welcome to try it out.

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