A community have been left without the use of a swimming pool once again.

The pool, which is part of the leisure centre at Beaminster School , has closed for public use due to being no longer financially viable to run.

The centre was taken over by 1610 two years ago, with the leisure facility firm running both the pool and leisure centre at the school.

A spokesman for 1610 said: "1610 ceased operating Beaminster Sports and Leisure at the end of January, 2018 and understands that Beaminster Community School has now taken over running the site.

"1610 has enjoyed working with Beaminster Community School and wishes them well for the future.

"1610 has written to centre members informing them about the decision and to thank them for their support."

The centre, which was re-opened two years ago after a closure, was operated jointly by 1610 and the school.

The company originally took over and re-opened the pool and leisure centre after the charity B-fit, who had been running sports facilities in Beaminster, were wound up in April 2016 after operating at a loss for several years.

The cost of replacing parts of the pool as well as the running costs have been blamed for the closure.

Mark Carter, the school's chair of governors, said: "Having been built by the community, the swimming pool at Beaminster School was run by Beaminster Community Sports Association (B-fit) until a couple of years ago, when B-fit concluded that it was no longer financially viable.

"With the swimming pools nearby at Bridport and Crewkerne, there was no prospect of securing grant funding to replace the ageing plant and machinery, and B-fit went out of business.

"Having brought in 1610 to take over from B-fit, 1610 have now come to the same conclusion, and have pulled out completely from running the pool and other sports facilities for the local community.

"Whilst the sports hall and 3G pitch are now being successfully run by the school for community use, the swimming pool requires considerable capital investment to continue.

"Compared to when the swimming pool was built, health and safety requirements have increased significantly, and the costs associated with this, plus having a full trained/qualified manager and staff on top of the need to replace ageing plant and machinery has brought about the closure of the pool, though no final decision has been made yet about its future."

The decision now means that those who used the pool will have to travel to Bridport or Crewkerne to take their children swimming.

This is a worry for some parents, with the summer holidays only a month and a half away, and many worried about the travel costs of getting to the nearby pools.

April Healey-Gunning, whose children used the pool, said: "It's a shame as there are so many local people who don't drive and, with the recent bus timetable changes, won't be able to take the kids swimming through the summer hols."