A BROADCHURCH actress lost out on a Bafta award - but the ceremony highlighted the plight of women who have experienced the drama's themes.

Julie Hesmondhalgh has been nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her portrayal of rape victim Trish Winterman in the hit ITV drama, filmed in West Bay.

The award went to Vanessa Kirby of Netflix drama The Crown.

But Hesmondhalgh's co-star Jodie Whittaker - who since appearing in Broadchurch has taken on the role of being the first ever female Doctor in Doctor Who - was among stars who represented the Time's Up movement at the Baftas.

Whittaker, along with Claire Foy, Hayley Atwell, Sharon Hogan, Charlotte Riley and Molly Windsor used the event to protest against sexual harassment and inequality, with some of them joined by real-life women championing issues portrayed in the shows.

Whittaker was accompanied by Tracey Parsons from the Dorset Rape Crisis Centre, with whom she worked on the last series of Broadchurch, in which she played a rape counsellor.

Journalist Kate Adie, who lives in Dorset, was honoured with the Bafta Fellowship award at the ceremony.

She took to the stage with her left wrist in a red sling, explaining it was due to "an accident in a pothole in a pavement".

Speaking about the importance of reporting, she said: "It's essential in a democracy, we tell truth to power.

"We tell it like it is and in these times that is more important than ever."

After Adie departed the stage, Perkins said: "You don't get disaster zone reporting like that any more, not unless it's Olly Murs trapped in Selfridges."