A donation has been made to a project to help it continue to promote active wellbeing.

Bridport Runners and Brit Valley Rotary Club, the organisers of the annual Jurassic Coast Run, gave the donation to 'Reach', a project run by the independent mental health charity, the Dorset Mental Health Forum.

Reach has been running for eight years and acknowledges how important getting out, being active and being social is for everyone but especially those in recovery from mental health issues.

Reach aims to encourage people to participate in a county-wide range of daily sports and social activities from coffee groups to seven-a-side-football, all of which are led by a forum peer worker.

Dave Privett, Reach coordinator at the Dorset Mental Health Forum, said: "The activities are in place for everyone and are varied, affordable and really easy to access.

"You don't need to be referred to us by a GP or a support worker to get involved.

"The money donated to us from the Bridport Jurassic Coast Run is really appreciated as it will be used to develop further activities for the people in the area, including those struggling with poor mental health and isolation."

Bridport Runners have their own experience in supporting members with mental health problems.

The club set up their own "well-being group" in 2016, which offers a gentle start into running and also a welcoming environment for people with mental health issues.

The group has become a regular addition to the weekly training session.

Bridport Runners' chair, Brian Shelley, said: "We know from our own club and from people we've been running with over the years that sport can play a vital role in getting and sustaining a more robust mental health.

"While, unfortunately, it does not solve all problems, running with like-minded people in the open can help to clear your mind or just get another perspective."

The money donated to the forum was raised during last year's fifth Bridport Jurassic Coast Run and ramped up by Brit Valley Rotary.

In previous years Bridport Runners and Brit valley Rotary have supported projects which are mainly helping children and youngsters to take part in sporting activities or being physically active.

Beneficiaries of the donations in the past were the cross-country squad at Sir John Colfox Academy, a special needs group at Mountjoy School and Bridport Youth Club.

The next Bridport Jurassic Coast Run will take place on Sunday, August 12.

To find out more, visit bridport-runners.co.uk