I read in last week’s Bridport News that the district council has suggested building houses on the big car park behind Waitrose.

I was absolutely appalled at the thought.

I agree with the headline, ‘Death Knell’ for Bridport.

Bridport needs more car parking, not less, and taking away the most central and useful car park of them all, seems completely stupid.

It’s always busy and on Fridays and weekends, often so full that you cannot park.

As it is, many visitors get put off when they cannot find anywhere to park, also it would be the death of Waitrose if that car park closed.

If more retail space is needed, get rid of some of the many charity shops.
I am a longtime resident of Bridport, and my husband went to the old grammar school before it became Colfox.

We love Bridport, but there should be more common sense used by the planning authorities.

West Bay