Some time ago I was told by a traffic warden that the parents of children at Bridport County Primary were allowed to park illegally for five minutes before the start of school to drop off and five minutes after school to pick up.

The parents are parking anything up to and beyond an hour either way.

They park on the bend where St Katherine’s meets Conygar.

They park on either side of the bends on Claremont.

They park on the double yellow lines, they even park right in front of the signs telling them not to park.

When the new traffic light system was put in place on Sea Road North, the entrance that had been created to allow parents to park in the Co-op car park and then go to the school safely, was updated.

Why can the parents parking illegally in and around the school not use the facility kindly afforded to them by the Co-op?

These parents are not setting good examples to their children, and society are not setting a good example by not adhering to the Highway Code.

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