WHEN a long-established day centre closed, concerns were raised for the welfare of people with dementia who depended on the service.

Following the closure of Chancery House in Bridport last month, fears were raised that clients who used the service would have nowhere to go.

Now, a project which specialises in small-group day care for older people who have early to moderate dementia, has been set up in Bridport.

The Filo Project supports people who are socially isolated, many of whom are experiencing symptoms associated with the degenerative disease - including memory loss.

Each day is provided by a host and takes place in their own home. Groups are small, generally no more than four, and a cooked lunch is provided. The service aims to replicate spending a day with friends so that everyone can hear and engage with the others, no one gets left out and social interaction takes place. The focus, according to the Filo Project, is on people’s capacities and capabilities.

A spokesman for the community interest group said: "Because we are not centre-based, and offer transport as part of the service, it means we are able to reach people who are not only socially isolated but geographically isolated too. At a stage of life where many older people find themselves often lonely and isolated, The Filo Project provides a place where clients can engage in valued and valuable social roles. To spend a day with The Filo Project is to be part of a day which is warm and manageable and in which care is not hurried."

The group has already been operating for almost four years in Devon, growing to support about 650 client spaces per month in the county.

It works with Devon County Council, having been approved to be on the authority's Select Supplier List for day services, and is now spreading to Dorset -specifically Bridport.

The spokesman said: "As this is a new location for us we are still relatively unknown and, given the sparsity of day care options for people in Bridport, we are understandably keen to raise awareness that we can support people."

For more information, visit www.thefiloproject.co.uk