A large landslip along the Jurassic Coast has led to a warning being issued.

The rock fall occurred at Black Ven, near Charmouth, on Easter Monday -  and visitors to the area are being warned to be wary.

Heavy rainfall over the Easter weekend made the cliffs unstable along the Unesco World Heritage site.

The slip was filmed by Martin Curtis, of Jurassic Coast Guides.

Mr Curtis said: "It was due to the heavy rain over the weekend, and took place late in the afternoon around 5pm.

It's quite a typical fall on the Jurassic Coast, with quite a good chunk dropping.

"Thankfully there were not many people on the beach.

"I hope the video makes people aware of the risks when walking along the coast."

The West Bay Coastguard team has reminded people that though they want them to enjoy themselves, to stay safe.

A spokesman said: "The Jurassic Coast is a beautiful place to come and visit, but it is also an ever-changing and dynamic natural environment.

"Coastal erosion that can cause rock falls, landslides and mudslides is a natural part of this environment, and these can happen at any time without warning.

"With the recent wet weather, there is an increased risk of mudslides and landslides.

"We would urge members of the public not to approach or climb on them as the risk of possible entrapment is high.

"We want people to visit the coast and have a fantastic time doing it.

"We just want people to stay safe, use good judgement, common sense and take home only happy memories.

"Have a fantastic time this Easter, but if you find yourself in difficulty, if you see someone in trouble, or even if your not sure, do not hesitate.

"Dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard."

Here is a video shot of the landslip Martin Curtis from Jurassic Coast Guides.

Here is another video of the Landslip from Katie Smith.