Dancers put on a 'beautiful' show that 'pushed boundaries.'

Bridport Youth Dance, made up of 90 dancers, performed their 14th annual production 'Out of the Woods.'

The performance was almost a full-length ballet exploring the concept of journeys.

Building on the success of last year's dream-themed show, the cast used a blend of tap and contemporary dance styles which were directed and choreographed by Nikki Northover and Aimee Styles.

The live music was provided by local composers Rob Lee, Jack Harrison and Matt Benjamin.

The show follows a girl as she goes on a journey that takes her to thought-provoking and enchanting places.

Lucy Goodison, who reviewed the performance, said: "The successful costuming and imaginative use of sound effects and props was effective.

"The interesting use of tap's percussive rhythms helped to highlight character's aggression. The younger dancers grew their skills throughout. For the show's 15th anniversary next year, this will be a hard act to follow. Out of the Woods was a beautiful show - atmospheric, inspirational and an absolute triumph."

Bridport Youth Dance was founded in 2001 by Nikki and the group aims to cover exciting, dynamic and innovative work that pushes artistic boundaries.

The group was founded to provide a vibrant and diverse arts and dance education programme for children and young people in Bridport.

The group currently has classes five days a week, with both a larger group and a boys dance class.

Speaking of the performance, Nikki said: "Out of the Woods was was beautiful show, I am very proud of all the dancers involved."

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