Stretches are underway for one runner ahead of this years London Marathon.

Sam Rose from Bridport, is currently a chief executive of the Jurassic Coast Trust and a member of Bridport runners, who he will be representing on Sunday, April 22.

The father of two boys is running his third London Marathon for MHE and Me UK, a small UK charity, after his name was picked out of a hall by the Bridport Runners team who only had one place the marathon.

Sam said:"I wanted to use this opportunity to raise a little bit of money for a small UK Charity (which is un-registered because its turnover is less than £5,000) that does a similar thing to a much larger US charity called the MHE Coalition."

Sam's eldest Son, Eddie, suffers from Multiple Hereditary Exostoses (MHE), a genetic bone disorder in which benign, cartilage capped tumours grow from the growth plate of long bones or from the surface of flat bones throughout the body.

The condition can cause numerous problems, including:

  • Compression of peripheral nerves or blood vessels

  • Irritation of tendons and muscles resulting in pain and loss of motion

  • Skeletal deformity

  • Short stature

  • Limb Length discrepancy

  • Chronic pain and fatigue

  • Mobility issues

  • Early onset arthritis

  • An increased risk of developing chondrosarcoma

MHE and ME UK provides 'We Care' packages for children who have MHE to receive when they get home from operations.

Receiving a package reminds the children that others are thinking of them and lets them know they are special.

Sam said: "Eddie got one of these after his operation last year and it was a real boost to him when he was at a low point, to know that there are others in his position and others who care, apart from his family and friends."

The charity also provides smaller packages for the siblings who are important in helping their brothers and sisters to get better.

To train for the marathon, Sam has been doing lots of training and running at the weekends, those he says his efforts have not been "helped by the snow!"

Bridport Runners chair, Brian Shelley, said: "We wish him all the best for London and we are proud that one of our Bridport Runners is wearing the black and white club stripes in this prestigious race."

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